Major changes to Sydney’s New Year’s Eve celebrations

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well , major changes to the way new year's eve is celebrated could mean sydney is in for its biggest party ever .

police and transport coordinators today began the logistical juggle as they prepare to move millions of people through the cbd .

there's a certain buzz about sydney .

the barges are loaded and the stage at the opera house bumped in .

this is a city ready to celebrate .

have a new year .

thank you .

but before the parks fill and the bridge ignites , there are a few housekeeping matters to attend to .

we won't tolerate people playing up and i don't want to see people commence the new year in the back of a police truck .

2,000 police are ready to hit the harbour , the city and the suburbs , with road and water safety their top concerns as preparations ramp up for a new year's eve to remember .

please travel early , it's really important you travel early .

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that's because favourite harbourside spots from the north shore to the balmain peninsula , piermont , darling harbour , barangaroo and circular quay are back to being ticket free .

picnickers allowed in on a first-come first-serve basis .

exceptions are bradley's head , the carl expressway , taronga zoo and the inner harbour islands which have sold out .

those ticketing changes and the return of international tourists tip to fuel a record post-covid crowd .

for the fireworks we're going to be somewhere around here i think yes .

first time in australia and we have booked a ferry ride to the goat island .

so we're lucky to get tickets yes .

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public transport the best bet to get around but ferries will only run until 5pm and trains and light rail lines are terminating before circular key so you will have to walk and a note for the south west , buses are replacing trains on the t3 line from bankstown to sydenham , driving will also be a nightmare the roads close significantly and are very different in sydney .

the carl expressway shuts first at 6am then rolling road closures in and around the city begin mid-afternoon .

there are also two closures of the anzac bridge impacting westconnex exits and the harbour bridge closes at 11 , reopening after the show .

have a great night , do it sensibly , make sure you plan your trip and we'll all roll out again next year to do the same things .

happy new year !

inner city , liz daniels , nine news .

and liz daniels joins us now from balmain .

liz , a bumper crowd expected , what will they be treated to ?

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well georgie , as usual , the fireworks operation is a top secret , but we might get an insight into what will be unveiled on new year's eve when fortunato foti , the world famous fireworks director , gives an update on his preparations tomorrow .

if you can't get to the harbour , do not despair , there are plenty of parties all over sydney from the illuminate festival at fairfield to kujee sparkles in the east , just to name a few .

and georgie , now all we need to hope for is that this weather stays this glorious and then that will be something for us all to celebrate .

lasers and projectors will beef up melbourne's midnight moment as the city welcomes 2024 with a bang .

fireworks will blanket the skyline while police sweep through crowds on the street searching for weapons .

mark santamartino explains .

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after a spike in knife crime , police will be on high alert , checking bags , pockets and cars this new year's eve .

if you think that it is appropriate to carry a weapon , it is not .

you will be searched , you will be caught .

thousands of officers will patrol with extra powers in designated areas , covering geelong , the cbd and st kilda .

critical roads like flinders street , collins , swanston street and more will also be closed , keeping cars away from pedestrians , and the four celebration zones at flagstaff and treasury gardens , king's domain and the docklands .

family fireworks can be viewed from the celebration zones only .

they're specifically set up for family fireworks at 9.30 .

the same will not apply to melbourne's midnight show .

these are the largest size and the ones that go bang very loud and the ones that people feel and love the most .

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rusty johnson and his crew will be loading those onto the roofs of 27 skyscrapers across the city , combining lasers , projectors and some new firework designs into a near nine minute show .

nobody else in the world fires across eight square kilometres of city skyline and fills the sky .

these barges once loaded up will head to the docklands harbour for their part of the show in addition to the thousands of single shots being loaded onto rooftops there are so many this year that even the pyrotechnics in charge are losing count .

the bigger and taller the building the better you'll see unless it's a cloudy day like today and they're hidden under the clouds .

clouds are predicted for a cold but wind free sunday night with the 400,000 people expected to pack the city being told to plan ahead and take advantage of free public transport .

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