Many believe this is ‘wrong’ - Jonathan Turley

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Here .

Now with reaction is Fox news contributor , Jonathan Turley .

Jonathan Turley , we expected this appeal .

I have the writ of cert for the Supreme court right here in front of me and many of the bases you and I discussed are the arguments of the Republican Party .

They say section three of the 14th amendment is not self executing and they say that President Trump as a president does not fall under the text of this amendment .

What do you think ?

Well , it's a very strong appeal .

It's frankly , the moment that many of us have been waiting for uh for months .

This dangerous theory has been replicated throughout the country as challengers try to find a judge or a court .

Uh that will give credence to this theory .

Uh Many of us believe that it's fundamentally wrong from historical and illegal perspective , but they finally found four justices in Colorado that were willing to do this .

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Now , that court at seven democratically appointed justices and three of them refused to sign on with this and said that it was clearly wrong , but they were able to eke out a 43 win in Colorado .

That is now an outlier , you know , you have the Michigan Supreme Court following other courts and refusing to disqualify the former president .

So it is ripe for the Supreme Court to review .

There's a conflict among the States and there's a very weighty issue here obviously for the country it is .

And you look over at Michigan , one of the big victories there and you pointed this out on Twitter now known as X that Democrats actually helped to stop Trump from being removed from the ballot .

These are judges , justices appointed by Democrats , right ?

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And I think that's important to remind people because in this age of rage , uh we often make assumptions about people that we don't agree with .

And it's important to note that this theory has been rejected in various states by democratic judges , judges appointed by Democratic governors or judges that are , in fact Democrats who ran for office .

Um They showed that they could resist temptation that they have greater fealty to the constitution uh than they do their own views and own political uh preferences .

So the question now is , will the Supreme Court intervene ?

I believe it , it will .

What's interesting about this filing is it doesn't raise uh the right to free speech and it does not raise the factual determination that that this was an insurrection uh that will be raised presumably in later appeals .

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But instead , they're focusing on the threshold issues of the removal of this name from the ballot .

I think it's a very strong appeal .

Professor Turley , I have just a moment here .

But should the Supreme Court take this and rule on this ?

Is this the biggest case pertaining to a presidential election since Bush V Gore ?

Yes .

And it's a very important point to raise Bush v Gore was destructive for the court in many respects .

Many of the justices spent years trying to repair the divisions on the court itself .

I think that the chief justice is going to try to get a unanimous decision here .

I hope that it can speak with one voice and that voice should be to reject Colorado's decision and to protect our democratic values to show the public that the court itself is divided ideologically , but they remain unified on these basic values that define us .

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It would be a great day for democracy indeed , if it were 90 , Professor Turley .

Thank you for your Hey , Sean Hannity here .

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